Denny BABOR, Doctor in Political Sciences (the doctoral dissertation defended at Akademia Humanistyczna im. Alesksandra Gieysztora Pultusk - Poland (2011).  A graduate of  School of International Relations and American Studies Warsaw - Poland. (Bachelor of Arts in English Studies), Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations in (2008). Received his Methodology certificate in Teaching English language (2001) from University of Warsaw- University College of English Language teacher Education.

A Lecturer of Business English, General English and English conversation at Warsaw School of Banking - Wyzsze Szkola Bankowa w Warszawaie (WSB University Warsaw) and also English instructor at Centrum Promocji Kultury w Dzielnicy Praga Pld Warsaw in Poland. 


Defended Research: [Nigeria and the United States; Transplantation of American Political, Social and Economic Models onto Nigerian Soil, Success and Failure] PhD dissertation written under Prof. dr hab. Peter Ostaszewski.


Published textbook:

The New Eassys of Political Studies ISBN 978-83-937322-0-3 [This book is based on the investigation of different political behaviour in modern contemporary state. It covers sixteen chapters and sub chapters, different major issues in political science within the state and changing world. The National status is based on formalized ( supports to law with citizenship) on the ways of ocuuring two relations, power and devotings ones]. "The New Eassys of political Studies was Published in July 2013".


Currently working on new text book:

''The Political Dialogune of Super States in the twenty first century". [This book will be published soon].


 Research Interest:

United States’ with World Affairs, Foreign Policy, External and Internal Affairs, Diplomacy and International Relations,  Comparative political system, Poland and EU Foreign Policy, Energy and oil market in European Union and Nigerian Foreign Policy and African Affairs.


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Published articles:

  1. Social opinion in a contemporary state with politics

  2. Psychological Conditioning of being politically active and passive in Poland

  3. Psychological Conditioning of being politically active and passive in Nigeria

  4. The concepts of political subjectivity in Anglo-Saxon Political Science

  5. Public Relations in Politics

  6. Protection of the Human Rights within the limits of United Nations

  7. The Evolution of United States Law and Electoral System